Our community partners support our philosophy of care, and together, we help our clients grow as individuals.

Partners include:

  • Richmond Apothecaries
  • American Red Cross
  • David Mandt & Associates
  • Therap
  • Richmond – Special Olympics
  • Henrico – Special Olympics
  • Goodwill Industries
  • ARC
  • Paradise Home Health Care

A number of local churches hold religious education classes as well as provide opportunities for worship:

  • Ridge Baptist Church
  • Trinity Lutheran
  • Clover Hill Baptist
  • Bon Air Baptist

Richmond Residential is a member of several local and national professional organizations, such as:

  • Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • Virginia Network of Private Providers (VNPP)
  • American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR)
  • National Associates for the Dually Diagnosed (NADD)
  • The ARC of Virginia
  • The Association for the Severely Handicapped (TASH)